Cycling Can Help You Stay Fit

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People like being healthy and fit, and for this they try anything that they can. You will see many people following strict diets to lose weight, they go to the gym to exercise or they go to nutritionists to set them the appropriate food that they can eat.

However, more and more people forget about the benefits that the nature can bring them. It’s not just about the fresh air that you have, but exercising outdoor brings more benefits than exercising in the gym.

From the multitude of sports that can be practiced outside, but also inside, we have chosen to talk about cycling. This is a wonderful activity, that helps you stay fit and in a good shape.

new_belgium_beer_bikeCycling can be done simply for pleasure, or you can also become professional cyclist and participate in competitions. However, it doesn’t matter if you ride the bike for fun or if you go professional, as the passion is the only thing that matters in practicing this sport.

Here are a few reasons why you should practice this sport.

It’s a Great Transport Mean

If you want to go from one place to another, the bicycle is one of the fastest means of transport, especially if you are moving around your local area. Instead of waiting for the bus or ride the car for one hour in a terrible traffic, take the bike and enjoy the ride. You will be able to avoid the rush hour and it’s also an excuse to make some physical exercise.

Improves Sleep

Cycling is one of those activities that exposes you to the daylight. This is also the reason why your body will reduce the production of the stress hormone, called cortisol. Studies have shown that if the stress hormone is reduced, the sleep will improve considerably. This is because a high dose of cortisol prevents your body to enter the regenerative sleep that you need so much.

Better Looking

Any physical activity makes you look younger, but cycling also helps you reduce the signs of aging. The circulation in your body is increased, this way the cells will receive more oxygen and nutrients, while the harmful toxins will be flushed away. Cycling also helps your body to produce more collagen, which is so needed for a younger aspect. In addition, the collagen will also improve the aspect of wrinkles; the collagen is also responsible for a faster healing process.


Better Way of Thinking

This doesn’t mean that you will be thinking differently. This simply means that your brainpower will be increased. If you are wondering how, the explanation is really simple – while cycling, every muscle in your body is exercised. This means that you will have an increased intake of oxygen in your body, and some of this oxygen will also reach your brain, improving the synapses.

Beats Illness

thonetbike3It’s said that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Today we can say different, as cycling helps you do this. It was proven that if people exercise moderately, those cells that are responsible for immunity become more active, being ready to fight any infection or illness. Researchers have proven that those people who cycle for at least 30 minutes per day, almost every day of the week, are less exposed to illnesses.


Everyone says that they want a clean environment, but nobody does anything. Things can change with a bicycle, as the bike produces zero pollution. Apart from this, in the same space that you need to park a car, you can park about 20 bicycles. You also don’t need any fuel to use the bike, but you have to know how to actually ride it.

There are many benefits of using the bicycle, not only staying fit and being healthy, but you socialize easier, you spend more time outside and you say ‘no’ to being sedentary.

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