10 Reasons to Drink Beer for Better Health

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Beer can be blamed for lots of things like meeting your current girlfriend, enhancing your greatest personal stories and bringing out your worst on the dance floor. However, the shocking news is that beer actually has several health benefits. It can keep your heart healthy, increase your immune system’s abilities and protect your bones. Get ready for a few rounds of beer!

heartbeat1. Keep Heart-healthy with Beer

Wine typically gets most of the credit as the adult beverage that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. But, beer is nothing to sneeze at where heart health is concerned. In fact, Italian researchers found that individuals who drink beer moderately have a 42 percent lower risk of heart attack than non-drinkers do. To play it safe, limit your intake to about a pint of 5-percent alcohol beer once a day.

2. Improve Creativity

Drinking a beer or three is not exactly going to make you super smart, but it could increase your creative abilities according to a study conducted by the Journal of Consciousness and Cognition. When 40 men watched a movie and completed verbal puzzles, the beer-buzzed individuals with blood-alcohol levels of .075 solved the verbal problems faster than the men who were totally sober.

3. Lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

38,000 males who were not big drinkers were analyzed for four years, after beginning a moderate beer drinking regimen. Dutch researchers who conducted the analysis found that they were less likely to get type 2 diabetes after starting the moderate drinking. Increased drinking did not lower the risk for men who already enjoyed beer every day. The trick is to stick to one or two beers a night.

4. Make Your Kidneys Happy

Here is to never having to pass a kidney stone – ever. For each bottle of beer a man drinks a day, he lowers his chances of getting kidney stones by about 40 percent, This is according to researchers in Finland. They are not sure why this is, but it could be that the beer drinking increases the man’s need to visit the bathroom, allowing the kidneys to function better. The hops could also slow the release of calcium from bones, lowering the tendency for the calcium to get reabsorbed by the kidneys as painful kidney stones.

5. Have a Speedy Workout Recovery

Stand back, Gatorade. A new Spanish study reveals that beer can help a body recover from a workout. Researchers made study participants exercise until their body temperature got to 104 degrees F. After this; the participants had to drink beer or water. The individuals who enjoyed a post-workout beer were better hydrated than those who drank the water.

6. Boost Confidence with Beer

British researchers discovered that the more beer people consumed, the more they found themselves to be attractive. Another study had researchers ask participants who had enjoyed a real or fake beer to give a speech. When they were evaluated as to how good-looking, funny and smart they felt they were, the people who drank both real beer and the fake beer gave themselves high scores.

glasses7. See Things More Clearly

A Guinness a day keeps the eye doctor away? It seems that Canadian researchers think so. After finding that one beer a day actually helps to increase antioxidant activity in the eyes, it was concluded that cataracts can keep from forming in the eyes thanks to beer. Be careful, though, the opposite effect occurs when the drink count hits three or more a day.

8. Bring Your Blood Pressure Down

Harvard studies indicate that moderate beer drinking helps lower blood pressure better than wine or cocktails do. Increased blood pressure can cause a range of health issues including heart attacks or stroke.

9. Boost the Immune System

One or two beers a day boosts the immune system according to the Oregon Health & Science University. Scientists there gave monkeys vaccines to prevent smallpox, and then gave some of them access to alcohol. The others were relegated to sugar water. The monkeys who drank alcohol moderately reacted better to the vaccine than those who had the sugar water. Any animal that ingested too much of the beer had a not-so-great response to the vaccine, however.

bones10. Strengthen the Bones with a Beer

While it is true that drunkenness leads to falls and broken bones, a few beers each day actually strengthens the bones and protects them from breaks. According to a Tufts University study, men who had one or two beers had about 4 percent better bone density than non-drinkers did. Note that more than two beers a day caused bone density to lessen by about 5 percent.

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